Not Seeing Enough Enquiries From Your Website? Here’s Why…

Not Seeing Enough Enquiries From Your Website? Here’s Why…

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Going through a dry spell with your lead generation? Every business needs enquiries – preferably ones that turn into clients and bring those dolla$ in – and many of the problems that have lead to your dry spell are easy fixes!

Problem No.1: It’s Outdated

As your business grows and you update your processes and tech, your website should be growing with you. If things are outdated or inaccurate, your potential customers aren’t going to want to talk to you. We recommend a major update every 12-18 months, and on our £30/month website deal you can guarantee updates as and when they’re required.

Problem No.2: You’re Not Sharing Your Awesomeness

You need to be your own biggest cheerleader – nobody will take up that mantle for you! SEO is great, but you can’t run a business by hoping that people will come to you… you’ve got to go to them! Get sharing on social media and show everyone how awesome you are. Not only will this boost awareness of your brand, but it’ll also help you to climb up Google’s rankings.

Problem No.3: Your Calls To Action Aren’t Friendly & Obvious

What’s the main goal of your website? Do you want to collect email addresses, book appointments, or get your clients on the phone? Your calls to action all need to direct your reader towards that goal, and they need to be friendly too! It’s super off-putting if you’re on a website and you can’t work out how to contact the owner, but strategic calls to action can help your audience to navigate seamlessly through your website.

Problem No.4: You Don’t Have/Aren’t Using a Blog

We include blogs as standard with every website because they are an absolutely awesome way to not only build your SEO, but also provide additional value to your audience. By injecting keywords, adding titles, captions, categories and thumbnail images, you can make sure that Google ranks you for more terms and more people see you. Blogging about your industry is also a fantastic way to cement yourself as a thought leader. Once you’ve written and published your masterpiece, share it on Facebook and pin an image to Pinterest to supercharge your growth!

Problem No.5: Your Copy Suuuuucks

This is a really important one. We all like to think that our copy is enthralling, but we’ve come across plenty of copy that really makes us cringe. Who is your target market? Here’s a hint: it isn’t everyone. Does your copy speak to the people you really want to work with? Even if you’re aiming for big, corporate clients, don’t fall into the trap of being too wordy or boring. Even the big boys like a little personality every now and again.

So, is your website suffering from any of these issues? Don’t put off fixing it – you need those enquiries to survive!

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