Five Simple Ideas To Boost Your Marketing During Lockdown

Five Simple Ideas To Boost Your Marketing During Lockdown

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Times are pretty strange right now, aren’t they?
We’re all about positive thinking though, so we’re hanging on to the idea of normality at the end of all of this, as well as more opportunities to grow local businesses. We’ve all got so much time on our hands at the moment, so when you’re not navigating home schooling or particularly needy animals, this is the perfect opportunity to get stuck into boosting that biz of yours!

Learn a new social media platform

The number one excuse we hear when we try to convince people to get into Pinterest is “I don’t have the time”. That one, for obvious reasons, just isn’t going to wash at the moment. It’s time to embrace a brand new social media platform! Pinterest isn’t just the perfect place to find inspiration for lockdown projects; 93% of users are on the platform to plan for purchases, and 87% of those users have made a purchase because of the platform. It also drives 33% more traffic than Facebook, making it ideal for introducing a brand new audience to your business.

Plan your content

With so much time on your hands, imagine how many blogs, newsletters, custom images and social media content you can plan! Try developing a content calendar for your business to give you prompts for your marketing, or for just £60 we can create one for you (with a whole bunch of bonuses – learn more here!)

Work on your brand

How long have you been trading under the same visual identity? Do you have cohesive brand guidelines with your colours, fonts and patterns all in one place? Being locked in is the perfect opportunity to spend some time working on your business rather than in it. Take a look at what your brand represents, and tweak the visuals to ensure that your personality and values are portrayed properly.

Write your mission statement

Over half of global consumers identify as belief driven buyers, which means that if you are focused on your values as a business, you are more likely to create real and lasting connections with your audience. Take some time to devise a mission statement that really exemplifies your “why”, and you’ll have a cornerstone piece of content for every platform.

Get personal

We’re all in the same boat when it comes to working in our pyjamas, eating a tonne of pizza and trying to prevent cats from joining our very important Zoom calls. None of us are having fancy meetings in lavish boardrooms, and we should be embracing that! Shared experiences are key here; go live on Facebook just for a chat with your audience and get your pets involved. Show off your workspace or teach your followers something valuable. Be real and make real connections.

So, how’s the lockdown treating you? What are you doing to boost your biz? Talk to us!