Does Your Brand Need a Facelift? How To Ensure That Your Brand Grows With You

Does Your Brand Need a Facelift? How To Ensure That Your Brand Grows With You

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Ahoy-hoy! You’ve probably noticed some changes in the world of WestCoastCo. over the past few months. We’ve updated our logo, our fonts, our colours, and even our address! This facelift has come with a restructure of the business and a whole heap of personal growth, and it’s brought about a brand new vibe and era of WestCoastCo.

Our original visual identity was a culmination of ideas from across the company, and it represented all of us. With this restructure, Arin has taken the lead, so it was important to ensure that the brand reflected Arin and her values. Whilst we’ll always be values-based and focused on small, ethical businesses, a key focus of Arin’s is on embracing what makes you different. And the pink in our new brand? Just take a look at her hair!

So, how do you ensure that your brand grows with you and your business? It’s pretty simple, and it doesn’t take an entire marketing agency to make it happen.

  1. Collect your existing assets. That means your logos, patterns, fonts, colours and any additional graphic elements.
  2. Draw a spider diagram of your services, values and target audiences.
  3. Compare your existing assets with your business outline (the spider diagram) – are they aligning, or do your visuals need adjusting?

We always recommend consulting experts when it comes to overhauling your brand guidelines (and we offer free consultations for small businesses – book here!) but if there’s just a new font or colour you’d like to introduce, you can do this yourself by gradually phasing it in. Do this exercise at least once every six months to ensure that you and your business are always in alignment.

Have you rebranded recently or are you considering changing things up? Tell us all about it!