8 Rules For Thriving (and Surviving) On Instagram

8 Rules For Thriving (and Surviving) On Instagram

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We’ve set a challenge for our followers on social media this week. By posting twice every day on Insta, we’re challenging you to supercharge your growth; yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it! When you’re putting yourself in the public eye so much, it can be tough to get that nagging voice out of your head… am I being an #instabitch? Follow these eight rules to remain a pillar of virtue and you’ll totally rock our favourite platform!

Rule No.1: It’s Cool To Be Kind

Imagine you’re talking to a group of people at a party; you’re going to assume (hopefully) that everyone is a polite, kind and generally courteous person. Apply these exact same principles when you’re posting on Insta.

Rule No.2: Follow Selectively

You don’t have to follow someone just because they follow you.
Boom. Mind blown – right?
Curate who you follow and what you post with the same care and attention. Put thought into only following people who truly inspire you!

Rule No.3: Don’t Be That Guy

We’re talking about that one night stand guy who ghosts you the next day. Icky.
Imagine getting a new follower, following them back, and the next day you’re dropped like a hot potato. That would totally suck… don’t be that guy.

Rule No.4: Be Gracious

Remember back when texting was a thing you’d do every day and you’d send your friend a message to congratulate them on a new job or promotion? Now, imagine they either didn’t respond, or it took them a month… we’re going to guess you’d be pretty unhappy about that. If someone comments on your post, be flattered and engage asap!

Rule No.5: Relevant, Quirky Content Is Queen

Every time you post, ask yourself if your content truly represents your brand and your business. We’re huge advocates of keeping it personal, but don’t overshare – keep the venting to your personal account. Quality also means no spamming: don’t post the same thing 76 times in one day; keep it classy.

Rule No.6: Don’t Buy Followers

Please see this long list of previous posts about why that’s a really bad idea:
– Where can I buy followers for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook?
– Is it worth buying website traffic?
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You wouldn’t buy friends in real life. Don’t do it online.

Rule No.7: Cool It With The Regramming

Touchy subject. We get it.
We pretty much recommend not doing it: it’s not quality content because it belongs to someone else, and that means you’ll be breaking rule no.5. If you must regram, ask for permission and always respect the owner’s response. Give a shoutout to the owner and tag them, never edit someone else’s post, and if you don’t know where something came from, don’t repost it.

Rule No.8: Be Smart With Your Hashtags

Don’t be desperate. Here’s what you shouldn’t be using:
#followback #teamfollowback #followme #instalike #tagforlikes #instafollow #l4l
Take some time to research which hashtags make sense for you and your business. Use a few niche ones and you’ll find you get much more relevant engagement!

Are you accepting our challenge? Let us know how you’re getting on!