5 Things You Should 100%, Never Ever Have On Your Website

5 Things You Should 100%, Never Ever Have On Your Website

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When it comes to web design, the customer isn’t always right. You’re commissioning an expert because they’re an expert – although they’re probably completely capable of adding your weird and wonderful ideas to your website, any responsible developer would say no in a heartbeat to every item on this list…

Auto-Play Music


Remember Piczo? That’s what we used to make websites when we were moody thirteen year olds; back when we thought it was really cool to have Slipknot auto-play when you loaded up our homepage.

Thankfully it’s no longer 2005, Piczo is dead and so are the days of auto-play music. We’ve grown up, we’ve moved on to WordPress, and if music started blaring from our phones whilst we were discreetly procrastinating in the office we’d be absolutely mortified.

Auto-play music will super charge your bounce rate (that’s a bad thing) and we can categorically say that not a single one of your users wants it.

Horizontal Scrolling


Ugh – effort, right?

You’ve got to go with what your users are used to, and thanks to the standard timeline features on most social media platforms, that’s vertical scrolling. Of course, if you’re catering exclusively to people who use Tinder and nothing else (ever), horizontal scrolling will probably work for you. Pretty niche market though.

We always say “mobile first” when it comes to web development, but we can’t forget our desktop users – for these guys, horizontal scrolling is rough.

“Enter Site” Pages


Unless you’re required by law to have an age verification splash page (think breweries with “I am 18+” walls), it’s super annoying and your users will 100% hate the experience.

If you’ve ever visited Forbes magazine, up until scarily recently you’d see a splash page with a “thought of the day” before each article. It was a barrier between the user and the content, and we’re pretty certain that the entire internet rejoiced when this feature was removed.

Make accessing your content as easy as possible for your user, or they’ll abandon you forever.

All Of The Things In All Of The Places


Someone actually thought this was a good idea, and it still exists so apparently they still do.

This person is very, very wrong. Where are we supposed to click?! What are we supposed to do!?

We’re always banging on about the importance of explainability and holding your user’s hand, and this is a key thing to think about with web design too. Always focus on your user’s journey – get them from A to B as simply as possible, and don’t just be clever for the sake of being clever. Don’t be that guy.

All Beauty & No Brains


We’ve seen a lot of beautiful websites that focus on looking flash… but don’t mention what the website actually does.
Your website users won’t all automatically know what you do. If they’ve clicked through from elsewhere then they likely need to be educated and a pretty picture and your logo just won’t cut it. A confusing (or non-existent) message means a pointless website. Always consider uninitiated users first in your design.

Needless to say, we consider ourselves to be pretty responsible developers, so we won’t be making any of these mistakes. We build creative websites with a focus on customer journey (from scratch – no nasty templates) from £260, and we do it all in just two weeks.

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