5 Strategies For Smashing Your To-Do List In No Time At All

5 Strategies For Smashing Your To-Do List In No Time At All


How many roles have you stepped in to today as a badass small business owner? You’ve got so much going on that nobody would blame you for being completely overwhelmed on a daily basis. If your to-do list is constantly growing with no end in sight, you’re going to love our handy list of strategies for getting through it. Work smarter – not harder – and that amazing feeling you get when you tick something off your list will be with you all day long…

Tip #1: Set a Timer

A task will take you as much time as you allow. Yes, really! Decide how long you’re willing to spend on a task, set a timer and go. Give yourself a week to schedule your social media posts and it’ll take you a week. Give yourself an hour, and you’ll get it done in an hour.

Tip #2: Snowball Your Tasks

You may have been told to start with the biggest tasks or to start with the tasks you want to do the least, but we think that’s nonsense. Start with the smallest tasks to build your momentum! Get a bunch of stuff crossed off your list in the morning and you’ll be riding that high all day.

Tip #3: Mindful Meetings

How often do you really need tech distractions when you’re collaborating or meeting with someone? Tech can actually limit your creativity, so leave your tablet, laptop and phone in your bag: you’ll find that you’re able to kick out a bunch more creative ideas when you’re relying on your own brain, and you’ll feel freer and more engaged too.

Tip #4: Give Batch Working a Go

Doing the same task over and over again takes a lot less brain power than switching from task to task. When you’re planning your week, try to do all of your blog writing on a Tuesday afternoon, for example; schedule your Instagram posts on a Wednesday morning; do client calls on a Monday morning. You’ll be amazed at how much easier each task seems!

Tip #5: Move Around

Pause for a dance break, stand up for thirty minutes, change up your location. Get your body active and your mind will follow!

Will you be trying our to-do list strategies this week? We’d love to know what works for you! 😜