5 Reasons To Start An Email List Today

5 Reasons To Start An Email List Today


If you’ve spent more than ten minutes researching marketing tips for your small business, you’ve likely been told that having an email list is a magical thing and it’ll solve all of your problems. I’m not here to claim that – particularly because I think the secret ingredient to your marketing woes is embracing your own killer personality – but an email list can be a seriously amazing tool for your biz. Read on to find out why…

…but first, let’s cover what I’m actually talking about before we dive on in. An email list is just that: a list of emails. These can be from your clients, customers, blog readers; anyone that’s interested in what you’ve got to offer. Typically, your best way to get people to sign up to your list is to offer a delicious incentive such as a free download or demo: “the latest news” doesn’t really cut it anymore. An email list can be managed using a good old fashioned spreadsheet, or using a service such as MailChimp or our absolute favourite: Moosend (we definitely recommend this one for small businesses).

And now, without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons to start focusing on your mailing list today:

Reason One: Make Sure Your Audience Never Misses a Thing!

You might be absolutely killing it on social media, but no matter how super incredible your posts are the unfortunate truth is not everybody will see everything you do. Those mean old algorithms are a real bitch. If you’re sending an email with an exciting subject line straight to your audience’s inbox, however, they’re going to find it very difficult to ignore. Even if they don’t read your email, the recipient will see your name and your subject line, which means you’re in their head! There’s just a better chance that the right people will see what you have to say when you use an email list as well as social media.

Reason Two: Email Marketing Is Your Top Channel For Return On Investment

Your email list is made up of people who are already interested in what you’ve got to say, so it’s no surprise that email marketing is the most effective way to make more money for your biz; and the internet is full of stats to prove it. The average value of an order made through email is at least three times as high as one made through social media (🙌🙌🙌) and, according to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI.

Reason Three: Social Media Apocalypse

Yes, I’m serious. Bear with me here.
Let’s say you do 99% of your biz over Instagram. It’s where everyone loves you and you’re absolutely killing it, so why would you move over to another channel? Now, let’s say Instagram shuts down, your account is removed, or they change their UI so horribly that everyone wants to get away from it… you’ve lost 99% of your biz. Instagram also owns your follower list and contact details for that list, but you own your email list. Your list isn’t just a great backup in case of an apocalypse; it’s a really handy tool to have right now to work alongside your social media efforts.

Reason Four: Add Value To Build Trust & Loyalty

Email marketing isn’t all about sales (in fact we like to use the 3/4 helpful emails for every 1 sales email rule); it’s an amazing tool to boost those figures, but we all hate being spammed with promotional emails. When you focus on adding real value through helpful tips and sharing your knowledge, you’re able to build a real relationship with your audience and build trust and loyalty with them, whilst cementing yourself as a thought leader in your industry too! Bonus!

Reason Five: Keep Your Brand Top Of Your Audience’s Mind!

By now, this one should really go without saying. Email marketing gives you another touchpoint to make contact with your audience. When you’re in their inbox, you’re top of their mind! Being present and active is a key thing to think about when you’re growing your biz, and email marketing is a great way of automating that activity to make you super visible with minimal effort.

Are you ready to put some thought into your email list this week? Let us know how you’re using email marketing to add value to your audience’s lives, and don’t forget to contact us if you’re struggling 😘